Month: May 2015

Cooking with D. O’Ryane… Post #1

On this edition of #cookingwithdoryane, I’m talking about plantain!

Growing up in a Caribbean family, plantains are a staple item. Whether baked, fried, as porridge or boiled, it can show up at any meal and is always welcomed. I personally like it as a side with my dinner as it is a nice sweet but not sugary addition. The easiest way to prepare it in my opinion is frying. Many of my close friends (and instagram followers) know how much I love my cast iron skillet, which is perfect for frying the plantain to a nice golden brown.

Here are a few tips for frying your own plantain:
– Use ripe plantain: A good plantain for frying will have dark yellow/black colouration and should be soft to the touch.
– Slice it evenly: Anytime you’re frying, your pieces should be consistently the same size. This will help your food to cook thoroughly at the same rate. Also, don’t slice the plantain to thick! If you do, the outside will be charred before the middle is done.
– Heat the pan first: Another tip for cooking any food… get your pan nice and warm first before putting food in.
– Flip once: You’ll know when the plantains are ready to be flipped. It should be a deliciously golden brown, with the colour starting to come up the edges. If you think the plantains are too dark or black, don’t worry! Plantains are high in sugar so it will actually still taste awesomely delicious despite the darker colour.
– Season out of the pan: I think it’s better to add any seasoning (totally optional by the way!) once the plantains are fully cooked and out of the pan. Common options are brown sugar or salt & pepper. My favourite is sea salt and paprika for a sweet and spicy taste.
– Make more than you need: I guarantee you’ll end up snacking on a few while cooking and you will want some leftovers. Be prepared!

Let me know what you think!


curry rice, fried plantain, skillet potatoes/carrots, steamed spinach

curry rice, fried plantain, skillet potatoes/carrots, steamed spinach


Island Life

One of my favourite parts of Toronto is the Island. In the southern part of downtown Toronto, you can take a short ferry ride out to the Toronto Island and get a different (and amazing) view of my hometown.

As soon as the weather warms up, I like to take my fish-eye camera and some film and just roam around.┬áThe beaches, water, flowers and boats give endless inspiration for my inner wannabe photographer.┬áMaybe it’s because I love the sun, but sprawling out on the beach and reading a book is always a great way to recharge.


a few of my beach essentials

a few of my beach essentials

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Simply Badass

I think James Dean is an iconic and textbook definition badass. Part of his signature look is for sure the leather biker jacket. I’ve found myself wanting a similar jacket over the past few years but being a vegan means I won’t buy a leather one and faux leather biker jackets are not always as nice (to be honest).

Since I’m not quite a rebel without a cause, I thought of ways I could modify the look to suit my personality. I came was browsing Zara’s online store and came across this look I really like.

The shirt, shoes, and jeans are all simple. It’s all about the jacket and its embellishments. The detailing on the neoprene sleeves are a fresh take on an old favourite. I even like the zippers on the jacket and think they’re well placed (I prefer buttons).

Maybe this might be a look in my spring/summer wardrobe? We’ll see…



biker look from Zara