Bros Who Pose

I remember going to my first hot yoga class a few years ago. A close friend just became a certified teacher and invited me to try a class at her studio. I had done yoga before, it was cool and relaxing… a nice way to stretch everything out. But yoga in a heated room? I totally had to psych myself up for it because the thought of how hot it would be was enough to make me pass out. A few days before the class I researched as much as I could so I wouldn’t come off as a total noob in the class. That being said, I really didn’t have anything to worry about. In the class, it was a super supportive environment and the teacher was extremely awesome at pointing out modifications that could be done just in case you had some difficulty. As for the heat, it really was hot. There’s no mistaking the fact that I started sweating as soon as I set my mat down. But after I finished the class, it felt great knowing that I made it to the end and didn’t give up. I shortly after signed up for a membership.

Hot yoga was the first of my physical challenges I put myself through. I began the journey wanting to be cool and flexible (HA!). But the more classes I attended, the more I realised that I was there to see how I could go a bit further/deeper than before. I came to love the heat… in fact, I craved it.




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