Month: October 2015

Drink of Choice

Most of my family and friends know that I’m not a big soda drinker. I prefer drinking tea or water and if I really want something sweet, I’ll drink juice. But there are always exceptions to the rule!

I can’t remember when I came across Blue Sky, but I’ve loved it since I first tried it. I like that it uses cane sugar instead of glucose/fructose/artificial sweeteners. It really impacts the taste. Also, the flavours are pretty awesome. My favourite Cherry Vanilla Creme is a yummy take on creme soda. An honourable mention goes to their Jamaican ginger ale, made with real ginger so it still has some kick to it. If it’s been a long day or I simply want to treat myself, this has been my indulgence of choice lately.



Maïs Soufflé

One of my favourite quick and easy snacks is popcorn. Before becoming a vegan, I rarely are popcorn. It was something I had at the movie theatre and even then, I didn’t always go for it.

After becoming vegan and wanting a good salty/savoury alternative to chips, I discovered making my on stovetop popcorn. Making popcorn on the stove means I can make as much or as little as I want in one go. I can also flavour it however I want.

Here’s a quick little recipe that is a tried and true crowd pleaser:
– in a medium-large pot with a lid, add 2 tbsp vegan butter or coconut oil while on high heat (I usually put my burner to an 8/10)
– after about 1-2 mins, full the bottom of the pot with a single layer of kernels (when the kernels start popping it will take up a lot of space!)
– once you hear the kernels popping, start shaking the pot. this helps to prevent it from burning and will keep unpopped kernels at the bottom.
– when you hear that the popping has stopped or significantly slowed down, the popcorn is done!
– if you want extra flavour, add 1 tbsp vegan butter to the pot and mix it in
– put the popcorn into a large bowl to serve
– add spices like garlic powder, black pepper and chili powder to taste





The more I travel, the more I appreciate the vegan eating options Toronto has. Without a doubt, one of my favourites is the Apiecalypse Pizza and Snack bar. The Mac & Charlie pizza is the stuff dreams are made of and the donuts are some of the best in the city.



Trust Issues

I think everyone in the world has some sort of issue with trust. Recently, I’ve been sorting through my own feelings, thoughts, and hurdles on the subject. So cue my highly introspective, word vomit, thought dump, of a blog post…

I was raised and grew up as an independent child. It not a bad thing. In fact, I’m quite thankful for it. But somewhere along the way, my ability to trust others with something I could do myself diminished. I can’t quite pinpoint when it started happening. What I will say, is that years of group assignments in school definitely reinforced the feeling though.

After many years of learning about myself (mostly after high school) and going through life, I think I’ve worked out my trust problems enough to be ”effectively functional”. Except there’s one area I’m still working on… my feelings. It’s hard for me to truly, 100%, share how I feel with someone other than my brain. I don’t trust others with my feelings. Maybe this gets chalked up to being an INTJ. Maybe I’m still scarred from something that happened in the past (not quite sure what). Who knows?! But the reality is, I feel like this is the last challenge I’m facing when it comes to trusting others.

I am making a real effort to push myself more in this area. It’s also part of the reason I have this blog and why I’ve publically made this post. Hopefully, the more I put my feelings out there, the less scary it will be to… I don’t know… move on?

Meh. We’ll see…

Fall in Love

Crisp fall evenings in Canada always make for interesting photos. Toronto is a very green city but when fall comes around, it unleashes a colourful mosaic.