Month: January 2016

Flying Solo

I am going on my first major solo vacation! I’m heading to Puerto Rico which I’m confident that will be a good time. But I can’t lie, I’m also a bit nervous. Although I’ve travelled alone before, this is my first time travelling alone outside of Canada and not staying with someone I know.

This summer I discovered the joys of going alone when I spent some time in Montreal and Quebec City. It was nice to have my own room, see what I wanted to see and do everything in my own time. I’ve been to both these places before so I felt comfortable doing my daily activities on a whim. And since it was within Canada and not far from home, I knew I could always go back if I felt I missed something to visit there.

Puerto Rico for me is a bit different. I have the feeling that I won’t be back there again (or at least for a really long time), so I need to make the most of it! The other issue is that I’m a broke ass indebted student who has to pay bills.  There more I think about the trip, the more I want to do in PR but my wallet forces me to stay realistic. 

I’m curious what the culture is like there. My family is from the Caribbean so I know it will be laid back. But at the same, none of my close family or friends have been before so my expectations are just being built up from the internet which I feel is just not the same.

I’m the end, I know this will be a great experience. Fate also has it that I have friends happen to be in PR at the same time so hopefully we can meet up!

Stay tuned to see how it goes…