Month: August 2017

Can you hear me?

I’ve been having this re-occurring thought/feeling lately… Do you get it?

In 2016, I started to post photos on Instagram with captions of song lyrics. I try to put the lyrics in context with the photo, but sometimes it’s just a song I’ve been listening to at the time. One of the reasons why I started doing this is because I wanted to express myself without having to say ‘look at me’. As someone who identifies pretty strongly as an INTJ, I really do have a hard time explicitly talking about my own feelings and sharing what’s on my mind. Partly because it feels unnatural for me, partly because I question if I make sense to others (aka will they understand). However, I feel like song lyrics can always convey a meaning/feeling that’s pretty universal yet also personal in a way.

I think we all have that innate need to not only tell our story, but also know we’re being heard and understood. I think as a more introverted person living in an extroverted society, it can be a little difficult getting that validation. Although I may not shout or share every moment or thought, it’s really does feel good sometimes knowing that someone is paying attention. I have my support system that will listen to what I have to say. But I can’t deny the want/need of hearing a “that’s a good idea” or “you’re cool” from a complete stranger every now and then… knowing that my social awkwardness hasn’t made be a pariah to the human fabric of this world.