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La Petite Mort

I recently was making a little trip to the suburbs of Toronto and had a few minutes to spare before getting on the bus. Since I was at Union Station, I decided to stop at the much talked about Union Market. I’ve often passed it while walking around the area but this is the first time I went through the stalls.

It was a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon in the city so am ice cream stand naturally caught. An ice cold sweet treat was sure to be delightful relief. As I walked up to investigate, I noticed the stand had vegan selections clearly highlighted… I was instantly sold. After discussing options for sizes and flavours, the guy behind the glass had sold me a pint of a flavour I wasn’t even considering.

The name of the stall/company was Death in Venice Gelato. I ended up choosing a sorbet of strawberry, juniper and Thai basil.  I had it with my friends later that day for a post BBQ dessert. It was well received and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We made some lemon coconut cookies, and it was a great compliment to the sorbet.

From the first bite you can tell that it’s 100% real fruit. The berries were as decadent as eating the real fruit. The Thai basil was an interesting twist to add in as well. I think it gave the sorbet that “je ne sais quoi” factor that makes new foods memorable. The basil was a good balance between pungent and polite. You could tell it was in there but didn’t stop the other tastes from coming through.

I will say that this wasn’t the best sorbet I’ve ever tasted. I think mint would have been a better choice than Thai basil. However, I am a lot more interested in the brand and trying their other flavours. 


Bright & Comfy

I haven’t bought new shoes in a very long time… mostly because I’m cheap and picky. HA! But my family and friends will tell you how much I really do love shoes. A nice pair of does a whole lot to complete the look of an outfit.

One of my favourite pairs is a set of Vans Surf SF. It’s a great pair for spring/summer to slip on and go. They are also so unbelievably comfortable too! I ended up buying two pairs in different colours a couple of summers ago.

Now that I’ve been shopping to amp up my wardrobe, I find myself thinking about replacing these Vans. Although I’ve seen the model in stores, I can’t seem to find the right colour. I decided to check out the Vans website to see what’s available and found these gems!


I am madly in love with the bold and bright colours. I also love the striping and prints. The only issue is that I can’t find them in Canada in my size… *insert crying emoji here*. I even checked the Vans store here in downtown Toronto but they did not have this print in this style. And naturally, the Vans website was sold out when I checked.

Maybe it’s not meant to be but a guy can dream, right?

Drink of Choice

Most of my family and friends know that I’m not a big soda drinker. I prefer drinking tea or water and if I really want something sweet, I’ll drink juice. But there are always exceptions to the rule!

I can’t remember when I came across Blue Sky, but I’ve loved it since I first tried it. I like that it uses cane sugar instead of glucose/fructose/artificial sweeteners. It really impacts the taste. Also, the flavours are pretty awesome. My favourite Cherry Vanilla Creme is a yummy take on creme soda. An honourable mention goes to their Jamaican ginger ale, made with real ginger so it still has some kick to it. If it’s been a long day or I simply want to treat myself, this has been my indulgence of choice lately.



The more I travel, the more I appreciate the vegan eating options Toronto has. Without a doubt, one of my favourites is the Apiecalypse Pizza and Snack bar. The Mac & Charlie pizza is the stuff dreams are made of and the donuts are some of the best in the city.



Island Life

One of my favourite parts of Toronto is the Island. In the southern part of downtown Toronto, you can take a short ferry ride out to the Toronto Island and get a different (and amazing) view of my hometown.

As soon as the weather warms up, I like to take my fish-eye camera and some film and just roam around.┬áThe beaches, water, flowers and boats give endless inspiration for my inner wannabe photographer.┬áMaybe it’s because I love the sun, but sprawling out on the beach and reading a book is always a great way to recharge.


a few of my beach essentials

a few of my beach essentials

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Simply Badass

I think James Dean is an iconic and textbook definition badass. Part of his signature look is for sure the leather biker jacket. I’ve found myself wanting a similar jacket over the past few years but being a vegan means I won’t buy a leather one and faux leather biker jackets are not always as nice (to be honest).

Since I’m not quite a rebel without a cause, I thought of ways I could modify the look to suit my personality. I came was browsing Zara’s online store and came across this look I really like.

The shirt, shoes, and jeans are all simple. It’s all about the jacket and its embellishments. The detailing on the neoprene sleeves are a fresh take on an old favourite. I even like the zippers on the jacket and think they’re well placed (I prefer buttons).

Maybe this might be a look in my spring/summer wardrobe? We’ll see…



biker look from Zara